Pleatable Air Filter Media

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    Eco-friendly energy-saving air filtration material isanother new product of TEDA Filters. It combined the melt-blown, Corona, andcalendaring into one, thus achieves outstanding properties of high efficiency,large dust-collecting capacity, and low resistance.TEDA Filters HEPA airfiltration material composited with melt-blown and stiff substrate media, hassuccessfully replaced glass-fiber filtration material to be widely used byhospitals, bio-pharmaceutical manufacturers, and chemical fiber manufacturersfor their air filtration needs.TEDA Filters mid-efficiency filtration materialuses the technology of melt-blown dual component structure which gives largedust-collecting capacity, low-resistance. It meets the up-to-date EuropeanStandards EN 779:2012. Specially designed forHEPA vacuum cleaner filter, TEDAFilters adopts unique superfine fiber and coronatechnologyto attain higher filtration efficiency. This particular material has passed mediumdetection of DEHS by "IBR"companies in the United States, to reach the HEPA Grade according to thestandard IEST RP CC001.5.

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    l As one type ofeco-friendly energy saving air filtration media, it is correlated  among bi-component melt blown, polymerelectrets and laminated technology and is up to the latest standard of EU EN779being characteristic of high efficiency ,low resistance, large dust-holdingcapacity and long life.

    l B-II series consistof  high dust-holding layer and  filter layer to exhibit prominentdust-holding capacity.

    l C-III series consistof bi-component including PP and PET which are as a supporting member to increase stiffness in revealing highefficiency and low resistance synchronously.

    l C-IV series are alsoin bi-componont structure, in that, the super-fine MB fiber give the nonwovenhigher filtration efficiency rate and the 3D crimp staple fiber convey excelentcompression resilince property. The two fibers are blended in structure of"Z" shape,which makes the filter media featured with higher airpermeability and dust holding capacity, more importantly, it can decrease thepressure drop raising up during its using. So C-IV is a newly developed filtermedia for the applications requesting higher dust holding and low reistancesynchronously.

    l C-V series arespecially developed for the up-to-date European Standard EN779:2012. Theyconsist of bi-component: super-fine PP meltblown and PET staple fiber, whichare blended in structure of "Z" shape. By using the media's physicaland mechanical structure mainly, and just the electret charge by a little, thefabric can achieve very high efficiency with lower resistance. Afterdischarging,  the C-V media can stillmeet to the minimum efficiency level according to the EN779:2012.

    l  It can be ordered in several types: flat sheets material in rolls ,filtering cartridge and preformed pockets in rolls (ultrasonic welded) etc.Separatepocket which is ultrasonic welded  toframe up conveniently is becoming more and more popular.

    l  B series,B-Ⅱseries,C-Ⅲ series ,Tester is TSI-8110 and aerosolis Nacl @ 0.3µm

    l  C-Ⅳ series,C-Ⅴ series ,Tester is TSI-8130 and aerosol is Nacl @ 0.26µm

    l  The color identification of the product depends on customer's requestindividually.

    l  Airflow   temperature≤80°C

    l  Standard length:50-100m/roll  Width0.65-0.75m or 1.5m.

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