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    Bi-componentMelt-blown automobile thermal and acoustic insulation material are characterizedby high sound insulating capability, low water content and goodheat-resistance, its flammability conforms to the standards of the U.S. FMVSSNo.302.

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    TEDA acoustic lnsulation (TDGY series) is alightweight, high loft, high performance synthetic fibrous insulation material,designed to provide excellent acoustical and thermlal protection. Comprised ofpolyester scaplefibers and polypropylene, it can be processed with a spunbondscrim as well as two-side ginning to enhance strength, reinforcesound-insulated effect and protect fiber.                                         


    This kind of product  is designed for acoustical application undersenior noisy environment, specially automobile and high-speed railway,including doors, liftgates, instrument panels ,pillars,package trays,trukliners , dashmats, headliners areas.


    l  Completely recyclable

    l  Hydrophobic -prevents build-up of weight and odors.

    l  Does not support fungi or bacterial growth

    l  Non-linting,high loft for excellent acousticalabsorption at low weight

    l  Compatibel weith virtually all attachement methods includingultrasonic welding ,heating staking and gluning

    The high loft microfibers efficiently dissipateacoustic energy at a very low mass 

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