TEDA Filters Co.,Ltd. (TEDA Filters) is a wholly owned subsidiary of TEDA Co., Ltd.(a publictraded company at Shenzhen Security Exchange with Company Code:000652.sz),located at the West Region of Tianjin Development Zone. As one of the earliestmanufacturers of melt-blown non-woven material in China, TEDA Filters is specializedin using melt-blown technology for the production of air filtration material,liquid filtration material, thermal-wear clothes, automobile sound and heat insulation material. Withseven international most-advanced melt-blown production lines, the generalcapacity can be achieved to 7000tons/year.

TEDA Filters has ISO-9001 certified by LLOYD’s of UK.  We have various test equipment to examine andcontrol the quality during manufacture process of all the products, such as TSI-8130,TOPASPSM-165 micro pore test instrument, Frazier Air Permeability Tester, etc.Inaddition to strictly quality internal control, TEDA Filters also sent theproducts to lots of authorities for a number of technical indicators andcertifications, those inspection organizations includes NELSON from USA;CARIBBEAN Institute of Biology; TESTEX; PONY; IBR; LMS; SGS; Quality TestCenter of Special Protective Clothing of the CPLA.

TEDA Holdings

TEDA Investment Holding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to asTEDA Holding) was established in December 1984. In 2015, the sales revenue ofthe company was RMB 72.9 billion Yuan and the total asset was RMB 298.3 billionYuan. Its main scope of business covers regional development and real estate,public utilities, financial industry and modern service industry and etc. TEDAHolding owns 23 whollyowned subsidiaries including Tianjin TEDA GroupCompany Ltd. (TEDA Group) and Tianjin TEDA Construction Group Co., Ltd., 17holding companies including Northern International Trust Co., Ltd,China-AfricaTEDA Investment Co., Ltd as well as 28 jointstock companies including TianjinTEDA Development Co., Ltd. and Changjiang Securities Co., Ltd. and four ofthese companies are listed companies, including Tianjin TEDA Co., Ltd, TianjinJinbin Development Co., Ltd., Tianjin Binhai TEDA Logistics Group CorporationLimited(TBTL) and Binhai Investment Company Limited.

In the field of regional development and real estate, TEDAHolding undertakes the regional construction in Tianjin Economic DevelopmentArea (hereinafter called as TEDA), Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city (SSTEC),Tianjin Harbor Economic Zone and core urban area in Binhai New Area, as well asthe key projects including rail transit line Z4, metro line 9, MeijiangConvention and Exhibition Center, Binhai Station of Tianjin- QinhuangdaoPassenger Dedicated line,Dagang Zhongtang Demonstration Town. TEDA Holding ownsmany real estate agents including TEDA Construction Group and Tifen Group. Thefirst phase of TEDA Suez Economic and Trade Cooperation Zone in Egypt has beenfully completed and attracted 68 enterprises to settle in. The second phase with6 sq km starts to develop in 2016.

In the field of public utility, TEDA Holding is responsiblefor providing the water, electricity, gas, heat and other energies for BinhaiNew Area and TEDA, as well as construction and operation of infrastructure suchas mass transit, municipal roads and bridges. TEDA has become an area withhighest return on foreign investment; TEDA Holding builds a circular economicsystem with garbage power generation, sewage treatment and utilization ofrecycled water as the core; TEDA Holding plays an important role in theutilization of clean energy and construction of ecological livable city inBinhai New Area.

In the field of financial industry, TEDA Holding builds thefinancial development platform that taking Bohai Bank, Tianjin TEDAInternational Holding (Group) Corporation Ltd., and Northern Trust as the mainbody, which has made active efforts for financial development in Tianjin.

In the field of modern service industry, the exhibitionindustry represented by Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center and 2008201020122014&2016 Summer Davos, China Mining, Taiwan famous brandexhibition and national tourism exposition have been held successfully; thehotel industry represented by Renaissance Tianjin TEDA Convention Center Hotel,TEDA Club Tianjin and TEDA Central Hotel has been formed; the tourism industryrepresented by Binhai aircraft carrier has been formed; the logistics serviceindustry represented by Tianjin Binhai TEDA Logistics Group Corporation Limitedhas been formed; the sports and cultural industry represented by TEDA footballhas been formed.

Relying on over thirty years of experience in construction managementand service assurance in TEDA and taking the following developments asopportunity, namely, Beijing-Tinjin-Hebei integrated development, establishmentof free trade zone, development and opening up of Binhai New Area, constructionof National Independent Innovative Demonstration Zone and the strategy of “theBelt and Road”, TEDA Holding takes full advantage of regional development toachieve the TEDA brand and grows into an outstanding enterprise which wins therespect from society in the coordinative development among TEDA, Binhai NewArea and Tianjin.

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